How To Choose The Right Freight Broker Software?

Freight broker software is an ideal complement to an efficient freight forwarding system. It takes freight forwarding from a tedious, manual process to a fast, automated procedure. Freight brokers control and organize the forwarding operations for their clients-from acquiring loads to delivering loads to their destinations. A freight broker’s duties include the finding loads to transport, finding qualified drivers for the loads, submitting invoices for clients, dispatching shipments, and collecting payments. In addition, a freight broker software provides information about the status of shipments in transit. This type of software also assists freight brokers in finding the best routes and carriers, which minimize operational costs.

For efficient freight forwarding software, shippers should provide load information such as their location, tonnage, value, rate of transfer, and other relevant information needed by the software to optimize its functions. The shippers can also specify the kind of payment they prefer for shipment-whether by credit card, debit card, or cash. Since freight forwarding software programs are designed to integrate with existing transportation systems, shippers can also utilize their existing carriers for the transportation of their loads.

The freight broker software can use a variety of third-party applications including Quickbooks, NetWare, My SQL, and the freight forwarding management software program itself. A good application should be able to integrate with Quickbooks so that shippers can track and manage their inventories, pay invoices, enter shipping and other relevant information, and perform other business transactions such as sending and receiving payments. NetWare should also be available so that shippers can track shipments and determine the status of shipments in transit. A good freight brokerage software should allow shipment tracking for both domestic and international shipments.

The good freight broker software should allow shippers to select the most appropriate carrier for shipping their goods. It should be easy for shippers to change carriers once the shipping process has been started. Some carriers may offer discounts or other special services that should be used to attract customers. It would also be helpful if the software allows for different levels of tracking, which would enable a shipper to track shipments by load, date, or price. It should also be easy to find out which carrier a shipment is headed to based on the shipment type.

Good freight broker software should also provide billing, accounting, and inventory management features. Incoming invoices can be managed easily, and bills can be automatically billed to the shipper’s bank account. Accounting software should allow a company to effectively manage freight fees, which include charges for excess cargo, insurance, and customs dues. Billing could include automatic bill payments, or the company can input invoices manually.

Finally, the freight broker software should support at least three different shipping methods. The best companies will support all three, as long as they are not conflicting with each other. A good program will allow a shipper to enter the carrier that will ship their products most economically, as well as allowing a customer to track shipments using both the carrier information and billing system. Most programs will also allow for detailed billing so that clients can view their invoices and account balances for easy reference. The best programs will allow a company to integrate its shipping methods with its accounting systems, so that shippers can enter the best carrier for their product and get an accurate bill. See more info about the software to start your freight brokerage business, view here.

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